Sunday, November 27, 2011

Have you ever seen a placenta?

Hello My name is Jennifer and I live in Southern Oregon. I am married with two beautiful children and a third we are expecting any day! I have been part of our Midwifery community for the last couple years as an apprentice helping women deliver their babies safely at home and at our beautiful birth center. About two years ago I decided to start encapsulating placentas into medicine because of a presentation I had seen at a Midwifery Today conference that I had went to the year before. I love being able to offer the service to women and use this beautiful gift that our bodies have provided for our babies. I have only recently started taking pictures of the placentas I encapsulate but am hoping that they can be a useful tool some how to woman and practitioners. Plus I think we need more exposure as women to seeing this beautiful gift that our bodies provide to take some of the "icky" or "gross" out of it!

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